Joe the Plumber Customer Reviews

  • S.I.
    Joseph was extremely professional and courteous. Did a complete diagnostic and figured out the problem. Explained thoroughly what was going on and step by step process to fix it.
  • Raneza S.
    Jimmy was very detailed and thorough. This is my second time using this company! I am very pleased.
    Raneza S.
  • Lin Reynolds
    Joseph came out late at night and stopped the gushing water. As Woodland Water had changed our meter that day, we established they indeed created this problem. They did come out and repair issue. Joseph is very professional with great customer service. He is such an asset to your company.
    Lin Reynolds
  • Sylvia Lopez
    Did great job. Thank you for being available and fixing our problem.
    Sylvia Lopez
  • Desiree Robertson
    Great installation of a water softer unit. Clean pipe work! Super quality. Very professional and def my new plumbers to call if we ever have any plumbing issues.
    Desiree Robertson
  • Kim W.
    Jimmy was professional and helpful in getting to the root of our sewer issue. Our line was clogged due to a cable line going through the sewer line. He took a video of the problem so I could contact the company that did the damage. We will definitely call Joe the Plumber for any issues in the future.
    Kim W.
  • Erik
    Very impressed. Josh was on time, friendly and communicated very well. He identified the problem (source of leak), faucet stem quickly and to the point. Will use again next time if any plumbing issues af all
  • Bruce Bott
    Right on time when they said they would arrive. Plumber was courteous and friendly. After a short discussion about our issue he went right to work to clear a slow-moving drain. Finished in about 40 minutes and left us with some tips on how to avoid the problem in the future. Very pleased with the service we received.
    Bruce Bott
  • Giesla Zech
    Josh was very quick at replacing the disposal and very tidy. Very professional.
    Giesla Zech
  • Kathy Shiets
    These two guys were great. Miguel (Michael or Mike) and his partner were both very helpful when I asked him about the problem and solution for the hard water we have here in Cypress. They were punctual, thoroughly explained every question I had about replacing 2 old faucets with two new sets. He was very positive and did not put down any other plumbing professionals. Thanks again!!
    Kathy Shiets
  • Angelica Williams
    We bought a house and from the inspection report we anticipated a slow draining tub and shower, which we thought would be a quick drain cleaning. First night in our home and all of the drains and toilets in the house back up!!! It’s 1030pm and we’re frantically calling plumbers. Joe the Plumber rep advised it would be late but they would come out ASAP. Miguel came out, inspected the property and was able to get us a temporary fix that night/morning. He came back later that morning and did a full diagnosis, which ended up being a broken and buried clean out pipe. They completed the repair the next day! The price was fair and the work was effective. Left our property repaired and clean!!
    Angelica Williams
  • Bridget Kaminski-Tabourne
    Juan was professional and patient to explore all repairs and assisted me with best choice and excellent pricing!! Very happy with his service!!!
    Bridget Kaminski-Tabourne
  • Brittany Marcus
    The technician was very polite and professional, and FAST! Repaired a few leaks within 30 minutes. I will be using Joe the Plumber again in the future.
    Brittany Marcus
  • Dana Beard
    Jeremy was professional, friendly and exactly on time. He explained everything to me and made sure I was satisfied before he left. I had been searching for a new plumber and how found one!
    Dana Beard
  • Melinda Gonzalez
    This is my go-to plumbing company. They are quick, professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this company to anyone needing to get the job done right the first time!
    Melinda Gonzalez
  • Ashley Granger
    Matt the Man!!! Joe the Plumber does my personal, family’s and friends as well. From a upgrades tankless water heater for my cousin, main sewer line at my house from tree root breech at pipe. however best compliment i can give is i own a commercial / residential inspection company and builder. So i have clients who need trades who are reliable, consistent and go above and beyond and fair on price. My short sub’s list is long on master tradesmen that took years to filter.. many i had to get rid of.. Matts / joe the hospital plumber Cypress,tx.. in my phone contacts has the #1 position. Bottom line my clients come before anyone and if i am sending a representative of my Business to assist my clients .. bet your butt im sending the best.
    Ashley Granger
  • Juli L.
    Great Service! Highly recommend. Jimmy was fantastic.
    Juli L.
  • Reda Elkabir
    Great service. On time. One hour to replace my tankless water heater. Excellent job.
    Reda Elkabir
  • Michael Clingan
    Matt is always friendly and does top notch work! He always communicates, shares options and does what he says he will.
    Michael Clingan
  • Jeannie
    Joe the Plumber will be our new go-to service for plumbing needs. They are on time and do great work. You will know exactly what your cost will be via their quote.
  • Susan Emberg
    I had to book the appt. 2 weeks ago due to the snow storm that hit Houston. They were very backed up. But I was pleasantly surprised when they showed up and put in the new garbage disposal. Would definitely use them again.
    Susan Emberg
  • Denis Martin
    Our tankless water heater had leaks after the Arctic freeze so we were without hot water for 9 days. Matt came out twice and worked diligently to diagnose and repair the problem. He searched for the necessary parts which were extremely difficult to locate due to the high demand. We would highly recommend Joe the Plumber for their customer service and fair prices.
    Denis Martin
  • Fred Lisanti
    Very impressed with the plumber who worked on our broken water main. He was professional, knowledgeable and capable. Highly recommend this company.
    Fred Lisanti
  • Whitney King
    Very polite and easy to schedule a service. Appointments are readily available. Service people are friendly.
    Whitney King
  • Charles Beyer
    Joe’s technician arrived within 45 minutes of my call as promised. The drain to the sewer was cleared very quickly and efficiently. Very pleased with everything and will use again in a heartbeat if needed.
    Charles Beyer
  • Brandon Young
    I have used Joe the Plumber for years. I love their work. I think the plumbers they hire our top notch in their field and are so friendly and professional. I have worked with several of their plumbers, but Jimmy Reyes I have found to be so thorough in his work and expertise. I like how he seems to go the extra mile to explain things and the make sure I have an understanding of what is going on with repairs on installations. So I always ask for him when it comes to work that needs to be completed in my home. I recommend Joe the Plumber for anyone looking for a plumber. Like I said, I’ve used them for years and never have had a bad experience.
    Brandon Young
  • Cynthia S.
    I would give 10 stars!! They were on time and did a complicated sewer pipe replacement. Cleaned up after. I had two Other companies tell me 15,000. This company was honest and did the job for 1750$. I am a customer for life!
    Cynthia S.
  • Wanda M.
    I called today re a water leak behind my washing machine that would have potentially delayed installation of my new floors. I called Joe the Plumber and they had someone at my house within 30 minutes of the call and the problem was fixed within an hour! Great service and not the first time I've used them. Would not hesitate to recommend based on my experience!
    Wanda M.
  • Linda H.
    Service was quick. I am happy to have that repair taken care of.
    Linda H.
  • Jim A.
    Joe the Plumber's service was amazing. I needed a hot water heater replaced and I received same day professional service. From the initial scheduling through the installation. A very professional company to do business with. Very pleased with the value I received for the price.
    Jim A.
  • Laura C.
    They were prompt, professional and knowledgeable about their business. I would call them again.
    Laura C.
  • Linda M.
    We’ve had 2 occasions to use Joe the Plumber. They came to our aid promptly. (Within a day). Fixed the problem immediately, were professional and clean! The service man was super nice. Will definitely use them again and I highly recommend
    Linda M.
  • Emily V S
    One of our neighbors had a major leak, while on vacation. We called Joe the Plumber to find out if they could take care of it, although we were not the owners. They could not have been kinder and compassionate. Came out promptly, took care of the matter. Left a clean job site. Thank you for your service and neighborly ways. Good people all around. Of course the owners were pleased to arrive from a vacation and have water and not a lot of waist and expense of a leak. Thanks again
    Emily V S
  • Suzanne B.
    Never been happier with the work they did for me. Thanks again.
    Suzanne B.
  • Ken C.
    Amazing service, product, and very relatable. I've had them out three times and they were incredible each time. 5 stars!
    Ken C.
  • Kaleigh C C
    Matt is our guy and he is amazing. My family has used him personally, for our company, for house rentals, and before buying a house. I would not use anyone else. He is extremely trustworthy, dependable, and does a great job, every time.
    Kaleigh C C
  • Nicole H.
    Mr. Jimmy Reyes came to our home today and gave excellent service. He was extremely professional, respectful, knowledgeable, and kind. I would welcome him back anytime. Thank you for such quick (same day) and reliable service!
    Nicole H.
  • Bert B.
    This is the 2nd time I have used these guys. Great work. Honest and not overpriced.
    Bert B.
  • Jackie N.
    I had JTP installed my water heater in 2016 then recently had no hot water. I called JTP to come out to take a look at it. With no EXCUSES, the original plumber (Matt) that installed the WH came next morning to fix the problem. As always, Matt was professional and respectfully honored his warranty. That’s all you want “an honest person” so I trust Matt with all my plumbing issues and will continue to use JTP.
    Jackie N.
  • Mike M.
    I called at least a dozen plumbers before reaching Joe the Plumber. We had a leaking water supply line. Water was running out from under the wall and flooding the laundry room. All the other companies advertising 24-hour emergency service were 2 to 4 days out. I guess they expected us to live without water. This was the only plumbing company willing to come out on a Saturday night. They showed up quickly (within a couple hours) and fixed the leak in a very short time.
    Mike M.
  • Rhonda E.
    Our pipe actually broke during our faucet change but the quick thinking of the plumber kept our water damage at a minimal. The company took full responsibility for the damage. We’re very pleased even with what happened and will use them again.
    Rhonda E.
  • Hany T.
    Amazing work! Made easy work of a clog 3 other plumbers gave up on. Very nice and professional and charged a very reasonable price. Would recommend this company to anyone.
    Hany T.
  • Thomas F.
    Great service and rates. They arrive on time and get the job done. I am glad I found them.
    Thomas F.
  • Tammy S.
    We have used Joe the Plumber on 3-4 separate occasions and they have been very reliable. They are usually able to come the day you call or ASAP the next day. One of our issues was not fully resolved the first time and they were very cooperative and professional about returning and working to resolve the problem.
    Tammy S.
  • Debbie D.
    After 4 plumbing quotes that were well over 1,000.00 Joe the plumber came to my home and not only did they come out $800 cheaper but they figured out the solution which was totally different than the other companies. Joe the Plumber also did a camera look down the pipes in the yard and didn't charge us a dime for that which other plumbing companies wanted a minimum of $125 to get started. Matt is my go-to guy and he does an exceptional job and knows what he is talking about. I won't use any other plumbing company!
    Debbie D.
  • Colleen B.
    Kidd was very thorough about explaining my options and explaining how he would fix. He left my kitchen clean and was very responsive when I thought it was still leaking. I appreciate the customer service and quality work.
    Colleen B.
  • Charles N.
    Honesty: when we called on the first day we found the problem your message said you were swamped and could not get anyone out that day. Others we called promised to come out and did not. When we called you next day you were able to promise a guy would come out and he did within the timeframe you specified. Did the work fairly quickly, efficiently and courteously. All we could ask for. Joe the Plumber is #1 on our list.
    Charles N.
  • Terry S.
    Two different issues at our place. Both times they were VERY responsive and ON TIME AS STATED which is very important. And the price was awesome on both jobs we had done. 1 was sewer line repair for tree roots and the other was a main line from kitchen sink cleaned out. 70 feet. Thanks you guys for a GREAT TEAM and GREAT WORK.
    Terry S.
  • Lynda G.
    Love your service! We look forward to many years of working together providing efficient service for our veterans.
    Lynda G.
  • Rene
    Our toilet had gotten clogged and wouldn't flush and after our home warranty issued out a plumber to come take a look they wanted to charge us an arm and a leg to replace the entire toilet because he said the entire toilet was broken. After that visit I decided to call Joe the Plumber since it's right down the road from where I live for a second opinion. They are very professional and polite and sent over a gentleman within the next hour. To my surprise he was able to unclog whatever was stuck for half the price I would've paid the original plumber that came out the first time. I'm glad I trusted my gut instinct that the first guy was trying to rip me off and called Joe the Plumber for a second opinion and got the job done! This will be the only place I will go to first should I have any issues in the future. Thank you
  • Cinful G.
    I actually had a really good experience with Joe the Plumber. It was a "simple" job for a faucet and garbage disposal install. I was quoted a price over the phone and the only difference in the final price was the cost for the time it took me to get a cord that I needed (in which he waited an hour). The work was done well, I was informed of all the work done and it is under warranty. I will consider using them again.
    Cinful G.
  • Christopher N.
    My folks had a hot water heater issue. They came out promptly and had to order parts that came next day. He had advised that the unit he serviced had a terrible track record and gave us an estimate. Two weeks later the tank died and true to his word quote remained the same when we call this morning. Not but two hours later a team was here to install and get the old one to salvage. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE GUYS! Clean cut professional at all levels and very personable. Could not have asked for more. THANKS JOE!
    Christopher N.
  • Dee P.
    I have had consistently good experiences with Joe the Plumber. I am a Realtor and have also referred them to clients. Good plumbers are hard to find, but now I think I have found a company that really does great work at a reasonable price--and responded to my recent emergency!
    Dee P.
  • Marilyn G.
    I have always been extremely pleased with all the work done by this company. They are courteous, professional, and timely. They also clean up completely when finished with the job.
    Marilyn G.
  • Thomas J.
    On time knew exactly what to do, to fix the problem. Gave good suggestions. Ran tests afterward to make sure no leaks and everything working as it should. I will use Joe the Plumber again. Charges were reasonable. And he is a Army veteran and I was a USMC.
    Thomas J.
  • Pam H.
    Great, friendly and very professional. Estimates are always right on target. Work gets done really fast.
    Pam H.
  • Peggy S.
    I am very pleased with the high level of service and customer service Mike provides. He is fast, efficient and thorough. Prices are fair. I will use his services again, and have recommended him to friends.
    Peggy S.
  • Carol and Tony DeRouen
    Jimmy and his apprentice did a thorough and quick job of locating the leaks and repairing them. If you get Jimmy and his crew on your job thank your lucky stars. Also thanks to the wonderful and understanding women in the office whom made my job a priority. Much thanks and God Bless!
    Carol and Tony DeRouen