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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. A broken or unsightly shower and/or tub is certain to disrupt at some point.

Prevent heartache and stress and hire a pro to get it done right the first time. Companies like Joe the Plumber specialize in shower pan installation, valves and trim, shower and tub drains, Roman tub faucets and regular tub faucets, and more.

As homeowners, we can get tempted to do remodeling or repair projects on our own. It’s easy to be overly optimistic and bite off more than you can chew, especially when it comes to plumbing. Plumbing, particularly shower and tub installation and plumbing, is complicated and requires a load of tools and expertise. No matter if your tub or shower needs fixing, or if you are looking to renovate, there are things for you to know. 

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Why Showers & Bathtubs Differ From Other Plumbing Systems

Homeowners overseeing their own bathroom remodeling projects can quickly realize that replacing a shower or bathtub is much more complicated than replacing a sink or toilet. Showers and tubs are like icebergs — there is much more beneath the surface. What may appear as a simple shower is actually a machine that is carefully designed. For example, shower pans (the shower floor that contains the drain) have to be built in a certain way to ensure the water does not accumulate.

This is one of the components that have to be considered when it comes to bathroom repair and remodeling: shower pan, pipes, shower head, and valves, to name a few. Tubs are equally complex as they have to have a tub spout, a stop, and are often connected to a wall, which will need to be redone if the tub is completely removed.

Remember that remodeling, redesigning, or even updating a shower or tub requires many tools, patience, materials, and expertise. It’s important to consider every part of the project before fully committing.

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Signs Your Bathroom Plumbing is in Need of Repair

Shower Plumbing Signs: Leaks and Rust
When it comes to the shower, there are a few signs that may mean you need to upgrade or replace it.

  • Water Spots and Leaks - if there are spots of water on your shower wall or leaking coming from the ceiling or the faucet, it may be time to get another shower.
  • Leakage from pipes - must be repaired right away to avoid more damage or even mold.
  • Broken Shower Door - if your shower door won’t close or is cracked, it will only get worse. This same concept can be applied to rust—if not taken care of, rust can cause shower components to fail.


Bathtub Plumbing Signs: Unstoppable or Hard to Use

For your tub, the signs of replacement are pretty noticeable. If you aren’t able to draw a bath without the water draining unintentionally, it’s time for a new tub. Water that can’t stay is a sign of drain and stop damage, which can indicate a leak or a broken drain.

A proper diagnosis and repair require the tub to be removed. The other sign is if you find your tub uncomfortable. If your tub is too small, hard to get in or out of, or isn’t as comfortable as you expect it to be, the next step is a replacement. Life is too short to have an uncomfortable tub.

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