Sewer Inspection Service in Houston, Texas

Our innovative sewer camera allows us to see into your pipes and drains. Through high-definition recording and video capturing to review your leaks, the team at Joe the Plumber can appropriately determine the best way to fix your clog, leak or blockage. The sewer camera can be used on plumbing leaks, wall leaks, and much more.

When an average plumber takes a look at your pipes and plumbing fixtures to determine what the problem is, it can be hard to locate the leak and figure out the cause of the problem. With our latest sewer camera technology, we offer a quicker and more reliable repair service. Let us save you time and money with our video camera inspections.

Why Drain Cameras Are Important

Sewer inspection cameras are extremely valuable tools for all plumbing companies. They are specifically designed and waterproofed in an effort to allow technicians to inspect sewer lines and other underground pipes, such as pipes that are under cement as well as under the home’s foundation.

An experienced and professionally trained technician will insert a rod using a high-resolution sewer inspection camera on its tip into the sewer lines. These drain cameras are high-tech and flexible, making it easy for them to travel through turns and twists underground. These cameras also make it possible to thoroughly examine pipe walls and pipe in drain lines anywhere from about 2 to 36 inches in diameter.

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Although breakthroughs in technology have made hydro-jetting more accessible than ever, it’s still best to contact a professional, such as Joe the Plumber. Only licensed and insured experts should use hydro-jet tools because the high-pressure water jet is powerful and can seriously injure people.

If the obstructions in your pipes are not easily accessible, or if you have exhausted hand-operated snakes and chemical drain cleaners, hydro-jetting may be what your pipes are missing.

For over twenty years, plumbing experts like Joe the Plumber have been proudly leading the Cypress and Houston area in expertise and quality of service. For estimates and more, contact us today.

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